Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
in Scottdale, PA

Physical Therapy Programs for Adult and Pediatric Patients

Physical therapy treatments help increase strength, endurance, flexibility, self-management skills and many more benefits. At Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, our goal is to help our patients achieve the highest level of physical function by improving strength, mobility, balance and coordination. We treat both adult and pediatric patients. For more details on any of our program offerings or to set up an appointment with one of our Physical Therapy specialists, you may contact us at (724) 887-6615.

Recovery and Treatment Methods Offered by Our Professional Staff

Our licensed professional physical therapists are compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled in many therapy areas to assist patients with recovery and their health. Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center offers a variety of treatment methods to help you restore and maintain physical function and mobility. Physical therapy uses exercises and treatments to bring you back to optimal health. Some of the specialized treatment areas include: industrial, orthopedic, and geriatric rehabilitation. The Wellness Center also offers the Comprehensive Spine Program, a wellness program, a work-reconditioning program, foot therapy, balance therapy, pediatric therapy, paraffin wax treatments, traction, and balance training.

Pain, Injuries, and Arthritis Therapies - Adult and
Pediatric Patients

Our Scottdale facility offers personalized treatments, therapies, and rehabilitative exercises for those who have:

Neck and Back Pain

Shoulder Pain
Sports Injuries
Work Injuries

Foot/Knee/Hip Pain
Auto Injuries
Neurological Injury/Condition

Let Us Help Restore Your Mobility and Improve
Your Health and Wellness

Performing simple daily tasks when you have an injury, recovering from surgery, experiencing chronic pain, or have limited mobility can be difficult. Physical therapy from Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center will help to restore full functionality and improve your overall health and wellness. Whether it is for your shoulders, back, joints, muscles or lower and upper extremities, we will help lessen the pain and improve your ability to use them. Based on individual challenges, our therapists will work to design a specific program to meet your goals, restore physical functions and movement, and decrease pain and prevent future injury or reinjury.

We Offer Personalized Care and Attention to All of Our Patients

Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is your resource for comprehensive rehabilitation and physical therapy in the Scottdale, PA, region. Our licensed Physical Therapists offer personalized, one-on-one care and attention. We offer advanced treatment options, therapy, and modalities to get our clients feeling back to themselves once again. We have been serving the community by helping our patients.