Gallery & Facility - Scottdale, PA

Treatments and Therapies Offered at our Facility to Local Patients

The facility at Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, in Scottdale, PA, is a great place to go for comprehensive rehabilitation and physical therapy. Our facility is staffed with highly trained, licensed and compassionate physical therapists who focus on providing their patients with the best care.   At our facility, you will get the one-on-one care and attention you need to heal. Visit our facility for advanced treatments in therapy, and modalities to help our patients heal and get back to life as usual. We are proud to serve Scottdale, PA, and the surrounding communities for over 11 years and providing physical therapy that changes our patients lives.   For more information on the services our facility offers or to set up an appointment with one of our physical therapist, contacts us at (724) 887-6615.


Conditions Our Facility Treats with Therapies and Rehabilitative Exercises

Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center provides our physical therapy treatments to both adult and pediatrics patients. Our facility is equipped with the resources to to assist with the rehabilitation of injuries caused from auto accidents, sports, work and more. We also offer services to treat health issues and conditions women typically experience.

• Arthritis
• Neck and Back Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Shoulder Pain
• Sports Injuries
• Work Injuries
• Foot/Knee/Hip Pain
• Auto Injuries
• Neurological Injuries & Conditions

Our Physical Therapists Are Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Skilled

Our facility is staffed by physical therapists who have the experience, knowledgeable and the right skills to treat each patient correctly. They create a treatment plan with compassion and personal attention to help you on your path toward rehabilitation. Specialized treatment areas are industrial injuries, orthopedic, and geriatric rehabilitation. Other programs our facility offers are the Comprehensive Spine Program, wellness program, work-reconditioning program, foot therapy, balance therapy, pediatric therapy, paraffin wax treatments, traction and balance training.