After a Knee Replacement

Pick Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center After Knee Replacement

Do you know what comes after a knee replacement? Scottdale Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in Scottdale, PA has some answers. Knee replacement surgeries happen for a variety of reasons. The most common is because of osteoarthritis, which prevents you from walking and doing basic functions. In this month’s blog, we’re looking at some of things you should expect after a knee replacement.

You Will Be Taken to a Recovery Room After the Operation Happens

Patients normally spend about one to two hours in a recovery room depending on their individual needs. Some patients can go home the same day as the operation. Your doctor will prescribe medicine to help control the pain. The doctor encourages you to move your foot and ankle as much as possible for blood flow. This will help reduce your risk for blood clots and swelling.

Physical Therapy Will Be a Part of Your Recovery Process

That physical therapy process starts the day of the surgery. You will walk with a device at the start of treatment. Your therapist will show safe ways to get out of bed, and how to move with the assistance. The medical staff will ask you to sit at the side of your bed, and do some walking. Depending on the case, you may have to stay a couple of days in the hospital before going home.

Once You Hit the Third Week, You Should Be Moving More Freely

When you get to your rehab facility or home, you should have an easier time moving. Patients should be able to walk and stand for 10 minutes at a time without pain. Doing basic functions like showering and getting dressed should be easier. You may not need assistance after two to three weeks.

The Physical Therapy Process Can Take Three Weeks for Full Activity

If you follow your exercise schedule, you could be back to some normal activity in three months. Others may need six months to a year before reaching full strength. Make sure you are keeping your medical professionals informed at every step. Check out for more great information on what to expect after a knee replacement.

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